Community Streamflow Evaluation System (CSES)

"A tethys app that lets the user to visualize and query modeled streamflow

Grace Groundwater Subsetting Tool

Visualize and subset Grace data

HydroLang and HydroCompute Demonstration

This application demonstrates the capabilities of HydroLang and HydroCompute, powerful JavaScript libraries developed by the University of Iowa Hydro- informatics Lab. Launch to learn more.

HydroShare Python API Demonstration

A web app to demonstrate the use of hs_restclient and generate operations available in the HydroShare website. This app is more of a tutorial and designed to educate a programmer to learn how Python APIs work.

Met Data Explorer

An app for viewing and analysing grided data servered from a THREDDS DATA SERVER.

Numerical Flash Flood Alert Solutions

Numerical Flash Flood Alert Solutions Application

OWP NWM Map Viewer

Proxy app for Office in Water Prediction

Snow Inspector

The Snow Inspector provides visual aid of a set of global snow layers and produces a time series chart of the selected snow parameter anywhere in the world.

Tethys App Store

The Tethys App Store enables you to discover, install, manage and configure Tethys Applications

Water Data Explorer

"A tethys app that lets the user to visualize and query WSDL enpoints

CIROH JupyterHub

Proxy app for the CIROH JupyterHub


Proxy app for the Hydroshare app